Domain Names – Dot MX is For You If You Are Planning on Doing Business Anywhere in North America

Are you planning on doing business “South of The Border Down Mexico Way?” Or maybe you just want to do business with the Spanish speakers in your own area? Either way, this year brings with it a unique opportunity to get in on the bottom floor with domain names appealing to residents of Mexico or Spanish speakers here in the U.S. The domain administrators for Dot-MX, the country code, top-level domain (cctld) of Mexico have opened it for unrestricted registration for the first time since it was first developed over twenty years ago.

Nobody should doubt the pride Mexicans feel in their nation, language and culture. They now have a chance to display that pride on the internet. Mexico has more people than Germany, France or Italy and until now less than a half million of them owned a domain name reflecting their heritage; this in a nation with more than thirty million people on the internet!

The big domain registrars like Godaddy.Com saw this coming and built whole new sections around the potential business. Still, a non-scientific and mostly whimsical check of the domain name registries shows a lot of interesting domain names remain to be registered. Take for example, “fecha de nacimiento” (date of birth); “ropa usada” (anybody familiar with the border country knows how important “used clothing” is in the area); “lo mismo” (the same) and “la ley dice” (the law says!).

Interestingly enough, all of these Spanish phrases have already been picked up as Dot-Com’s. How long do you think it will be before they become Dot-Mx’s? Also surprisingly, some rather popular English words remain unused. Take for example, “precious,” “favorite” and “modern.” None of these words remain free in the Dot-Com universe or even in the wider world of European country code, top-level domains like Germany’s Dot-De or Italy’s Dot-It. Why they are still running around loose is a mystery to me!

It’s an opportunity folks we won’t be seeing again for some time, folks! You might want to take a look at Dot-Mx if your business plans extend to doing business with Spanish speakers from and in Mexico.