I Can Live and Other Poems



The barber sees

a potential customer

in me but I pass

the tense faces

after the long walk sunshine

a fag in the car

short carnival:

neatly hide faded vests drying

in the balcony

helter skelter

afternoon windy rain

allergies again



Death hides in the body

but who cares? it’s obscure

living on the edge

seeking space into swamp

they all talk about the sun

swelling in the sky

and close eyes to the spider

spinning waves on the ceiling

all alone, but who cares?

suspicion and distance

like lovers they pretend

to leave yet stay longer

dishing out luxuries

showing off generosity

on the heart’s fancy table

waiting to welcome the guest



They say my birth was a heavenly event:

here I am suffering third-rate villains

that erect walls to stop the chariots

from Merkaba: the angels fume but who cares

heaven is a mirage in human zoo



The dates on calendar question

all my undone acts

and memories that haunt or fade

in nightly nakedness

stumbling toward the next day’s sun

without celebration

at 63 January jeers

my degenerating sex

a still itch: mantra and mirror

quiet God and drying petals



Late August:

clouded midnight, sneezing

restless in bed

all negative vibes

well up the mind

jackals yell outside

I read Hsu Chicheng

for a gleam of light



I’ve outlived

the winter’s allergies

and depressing rains

in a human zoo

I can live

my retirement too

without pension and medicine:

the wheelchair doesn’t frighten

I can live

uncared and unknown

survive broken home

the numbness of the arms

the pain in the neck

and inflation too



Time’s wrinkling fingers

trivialize the sun and snow

in a crooked land

I see history crippled

with midnight dyspnoea

the green umbrella

hosts disaster:

the avalanche waits on its shoulders

the wound opens



My shrinking body

even if I donate

what’s there for research:

devil in the spine

abusing tongue in sleep

or bleeding anus

defy all prayers

on bed or in temple-

the same heresy

oozing and stinking

onanist excursion

dead or alive



They make my face

ugly in my own sight

what shall I see in the mirror?

there is no beauty

or holiness left

in the naked nation:

the streams flow dark

and the hinges of doors moan

politics of corruption

I weep for its names

and the faces they deface

with clay dreams



The crack in the sky

is not the rosy cleavage

to rape the body

nor is the beast any free

to escape the bloody river

that reflects stony wrath

in doggy position

they all expect their reward

for burying the noise

of sunny fire wheeling

in frozen passion

turn beggars they all

search warmth with ash-smeared sadhus

at roadside tea stall

whistle and wash off sins

in sangam muddled

with privileged few soar high

but I’m glad I crawl on earth

my roots don’t wave in the air



If hand can meet hand

and embrace is not sin

if lip to lip kissing

or cheek to cheek hugging

is not forbidden

why do they question

meeting of thighs or breasts:

divine in action

it’s spring; the body’s love

itching to bloom with soul



I’ve lived 23000 days

awaiting a day that could become

god’s day in eden, earth or within

or even my grandson’s smile

on his first day in mother’s arms

now I sit an empty boat

on a still river

and shake with quail dreams



The body is precious

a vehicle for awakening

treat it with care, said Buddha

I love it’s stillness

beauty and sanctity

here and now

sink into its calm

to hear the whisper in all

its ebbs and flows

erect, penetrate

the edge of life and loss

return to wholeness



Flowers don’t bloom

in tribute to

builders’ apathy

the trees are dying:

they too know they’ll be felled

or the heat will kill

the concrete rises

calamity too will rise

none talk the ruins they bring



I don’t know where I lived

in my former existence

but the hell I’ve breathed

for three decades here

couldn’t adapt my soul:

I remain a stranger

to them and to the cold walls

that put out the candle-lights

in my roofless house



Being good

couldn’t make me know

any better

I was harmless

they sold my name

and became

what I couldn’t

in the middle of day light

I vanished like faces

from voters’ list

with no difference

to who wins

or who loses



Some fresh bones and designer dress

distorted hopes, cataract vision

hardly any better the faces of the body

and if there is a soul, the soul hears

the map guides the mind’s midnight

but the destination is different

deception is courage

they know the end of journey

and get down when the train stops

I too descend



Sleepy roads

with or without light

tear the sky

I watch the murmur

in the misty darkness

Tao of midnight

tranquil emptiness:

breathing deceptive cold

the echoes haunt



She trusts her reading of my horoscope

and predicts a comfortable future

even as I know my toothache

now means the fall of my teeth

and anal bleeding means sure surgery

my dying libido is as uncomfortable

as the dream of humans sleeping on the ceiling:

their flattened naked back amuses me

who knows who’ll fall first?

before I wake up I try to gauge the selvage

of restless lines, moon, Saturn, and Venus

conspiring new challenges

for the quakes in my elements

it’s already mid-November

and the bouts of bronchial allergy

tell of the cycle of incarceration

her moving lips are no soporific



The coiled divine

renews eternity

in the body’s cells

fed on sensuous sweetness

and moment’s littleness

for years fleshly reign

seemed spirit’s radiance

in the deep pit

now suddenly sparks the itch

for heaven’s nude delight



Before the bananas ripe

let’s meet at least once

lest the fog dampen passion

let’s water our love

the sun is bright this morning

and night’s promising

let’s meet and unfreeze winter

of years, drink some wine

restore warmth of faith and hope

and heal the breaches

without black goggles for seeing

let’s meet at least once



Teary eyes

with sparks and lightning

dried vision

caged existence

seek deliverance

muttering old prayers



Unpruned roses

and unknown grasses

make me aware

of the emptiness

the dusk in her room sounds

she searches out

her shadow in

the rising moon

I feel the season’s prick



When gods are out to teach me a lesson

where to go to pray or find relief?

my prophet friends predict each day good

and the future fulfilling, the palmists find

the sun, Saturn, Venus and rahu hostile:

they seek money for rituals, stones or mantras

while God gives us the best in life gratis

I can’t change man or nature, nor the karmas

now or tomorrow they all delude

in the maze of expediency and curse

stars, fate, destiny, or life before and after

degenerating the mind, body, thought and divine



The cracks on the parapet

have widened for the peepal

to stay green for once

rains too want us to drench

our heads and feel one

with cool wind

in a dark corner

shed fears and enjoy love



Each night a challenge:

suffocative restlessness

sleepless spirits’ noise

sexual starvation

anal menstruation

dingy subconscious

conspire behind closed eyes

absent healing and

wishful miracles

a clueless sun rises

bugging time and life



With scheming mind

and crafty heart

loud and rebellious

a professional loser

perfumes the room

with flattering lips

and strays a preacher

to revolution



Because I had no STD code to dial Heaven

I walked into Hell measuring happiness

in buried lines on palms and shrinking head:

I couldn’t know when love sieved and sank

like a ship on vacation



In the poems I write

you can read my mind

even know when I’m blue

before the mirror

when I stand in the dark

you can’t scent me

nor will words comfort

in chilly December

when alone in candle light

empty coffee cups

deride the syllables

I spin to make haiku

my hairs in air

reveal the baldness:

wank without wad



After a day’s labor

they lie on a sand pile

in the basement of

a new shopping complex

rising slowly next door

like the waves at Nellore beach

that broke before wiping

my name on the sand

I take a snap at sunset:

they play with plastic bottles in water

or eat fried fish in the huts

I’m warned against placing it on Facebook

she hates my face

nor am I allowed to speak

to the drug addict picked up

from the door steps of

Varsha Apartments

his father questions

if there’s law in the country

only a street dog wags its tail

I wheeze and take a seroflo puff

and wonder if I should visit

Nimhans and get checked

to manage my sleep

she questions why I think of Bangalore

for treatment of all my ailments

and takes me to Bannerghatta zoo

for animal viewing.

Sex Tips: Rough Sex Made Safe

Couples in search of sex tips to enliven their sex play often balk when the subject of rough sex is brought up. And there’s good reason to be a bit hesitant – few people like to run the risk of hurting, either physically or emotionally, someone close to them. Men, in particular, who practice good and protective penis care, may be a bit suspicious of rough sex. But when approached in the right spirit and with appropriate care, roughing it up a bit can be rewarding for many couples.

Define terms.

It’s crucial to realize that “rough sex” can mean different things to different people. One of the most basic sex tips is making sure that two people are coming from the same place when thinking about taking sex to a different level.

This is especially true when applied to exploring rough sex. If a partner says, “Why don’t we try getting a little rougher?” then the couple needs to determine what that means. Is it all about letting loose verbally – employing “dirty” language rather than the relatively clinical terms they may be using? Or maybe it’s about talking through some dirty scenarios, creating a role-playing situation that’s all in the imagination? Or are they suggesting restraints, toys or some other form of play involving physical objects?

Sometimes talking things out in too much detail can spoil the fun or make it no longer effective. But doing a basic check-in so that both partners are comfortable before embarking is a good idea for most couple.

Set up ground rules.

Probably the most important rule when getting rough is to have an agreed-upon signal that it’s time to stop. This is often called a “safe word,” although that frequently brings up images of heavy BDSM play. A safe word or some other signal is good to employ even when just doing some basic role playing. This gives peace of mind, so that if one partner is no longer enjoying the experience, they merely say the word and the activity ceases.

Beyond the safe word, couples may consider a time limit or certain areas where each is not willing to go.

Start small.

Usually it’s a good idea to start small when getting rough. Start off with nude wrestling, for example, before trying something more physical. If toys are to be employed, smaller or softer may be wise for beginners. A mild application of the hand rather than a paddle can let a participant know if spanking has appeal for them. Merely changing positions may be as rough as some couples want to take things.


One participant’s experience of the activity may be wildly favorable and they may therefore be surprised when the other participant views it negatively. Taking time after a rough sex tumble to talk it over and see what worked and what didn’t is necessary – and it’s crucial that participants are honest about their reactions. Incorporating rough sex into a couple’s lives can be liberating, but only if both want the same thing and are having their desires and needs met equally.

Sex tips that take into account the physical aftermath of an activity are of great value, and this especially applies to rough sex. Although total body care is a requirement, men may need to focus especially on the condition of their manhood after a bout. Consistent use of a top notch penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can aid a man in this department. If restraints, toys, or simply overuse make for a raw or sore penis, a crème with appropriately soothing ingredients (such as shea butter, a respected emollient, and vitamin E, one of Nature’s best hydrators) is a must. If the manhood gets a bit de-sensitized, a crème with acetyl L carnitine is the ticket; this neuroprotective supplement helps prevent peripheral nerve damage that can lessen the pleasurable sensitivity of the penis.

Is the Constitution Dead for US Citizens Labeled As a Sex Offender?

The US Constitution, with the Bill of Rights, is supposed to protect life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to ALL its citizens. However, for a certain section of the US citizenry, namely those labeled as registered sex offenders, any such rights become largely absent, with more restrictive laws being passed locally, statewide, and nationally. These people have served their time in incarceration and paid their restitution, and yet they are subjected to harsher social ostracism for decades, even for life in several states.

Let us look at how far the United States has come with the gradual chipping away of the Constitutional rights for the people labeled as sex offenders.

1st Amendment – In certain state/s, like North Carolina, it is illegal for anyone registered as a sex offender to visit social websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Such laws further isolate these people from their family and friends who live away from them.

These people are required to disclose their identity in a church or religious places where they attend. This creates an environment of suspicion and discomfort for everyone. Moreover, such requirements infringe upon a person’s right to practice a religion freely and peaceably.

It is generally illegal for them to assemble with each other. Such restrictions stifle their voices from being heard by precluding them from organizing a protest. Social media laws also prohibit them from expressing their concerns or issues in wider social forum.

Generally, there is a lack of fact-base and honest discussion in news media regarding the sex offender issue. Meanwhile, few cases are hyped to bring about even harsher laws across the board in the registry. This only reflects the lack of freedom of press in a broader spectrum for people in the registry.

2nd Amendment – It is generally illegal for people with a felony to possess a firearm, which precludes them from exercising their constitutional right to protect themselves, their family, and their property using firearms.

3rd Amendment – N/A

4th Amendment – Apart from their regular sentences in incarceration, people convicted of a sex crime usually serve additional sentence in a form of Post Release Supervision for many years which is similar to probation. People who are in Post Release Supervision are subjected to any searches and seizures without the need for a warrant or a probable cause. This is apart from the sex offender registry itself which sets its own restrictions on a place of residence, work, social associations, etc.

5th Amendment – People who are in the Sex Offender Registry have already served their mandatory minimum sentence in incarceration. The registry, with its inherent restrictions and requirements, is a form of additional penalty. However, decades or even lifetime of additional punishment is not considered as a double jeopardy or a cruel & unusual punishment. This reflects gross injustice against them in the society.

Sex offenders are also subjected to become a witness against themselves (http://mynorthwest.com/244967/court-state-violated-fifth-amendment-rights-of-sex-offender-steven-powell/)

6th & 7th Amendments – The notion of sex crime is such that people are generally predisposed to crude preconceived notions regardless of a crime or whether any victim was involved. Sex offender registry has become so broad that petty offenses like public urination, public nudity, underage teenage consensual sex, underage teens having their nude photograph in their phone, adult consensual sex in a beach, etc. can all land someone in the sex offender registry (https://www.hrw.org/report/2007/09/11/no-easy-answers/sex-offender-laws-us). With the overwhelming negatively in the society, people labeled as sex offenders are more likely to be convicted in a trial and receive harsher judgment.

8th Amendment – Bail system in this country is a multi-billion dollar business, and bails are generally handed out in our courts like candies during Halloween. People accused of a sex crime are generally more likely to receive higher bonds due to fear and social stigma.

9th Amendment – Those who are in the sex offender registry are restricted to travel freely. They need prior notification and permission to travel. More restrictions are imposed upon those under supervision or probation.

In the states like Florida where sex offenders are marked in their driver’s license, they are more likely to face discrimination even in minor incident such as a routine traffic stop or while booking a hotel room. Also with the recent expansion of the International Megan Law, sex offender passports can be marked. This has opened new doors of restrictions or discrimination against sex offenders abroad, even physical harm to them and their families traveling with them.

10th – 27th Amendments – N/A, except for the infringement upon the right to vote in some States, especially those under probation or supervision.